If travel is all you think about & love travel planning.

Then monetize this passion by crafting travel plans as a travel designer.


Is traveling your passion? Have you acquired unique local knowledge over the years and loves performing extensive research to plan trips? Then use your travel wisdom and love for planning to help craft personalized itineraries for other travelers and make money!

Here's how it works:

1. Build your profile

We'll take you through the process of creating a profile that provides an insightful overview of your skills.

2. Craft travel itineraries

Craft a customized travel itinerary based on customer requirements. We have built the tools required to help you with this.

3. Get paid

Our pricing is simple & transparent. There is no listing or transaction fee and you keep 75% of the itinerary design fee which is $25/day

Joining voyayge as a travel designer is free.


When creating trips for my clients, one of my favorite features was creating and saving a “bank” of my favorite sites and experiences that I can curate for my clients. I can also directly link reservations, websites, menus, etc., for easy access when abroad.

Lauren Bebe

Travel designer on voyayge

voyayge has been a fantastic platform for me to work with travelers to create custom itineraries. I can track every traveler's preferences in the group and curate unique experiences for each of them. It's beneficial when kids are a part of the group. The platform makes it simple without too much back and forth and helps in creating customized itineraries faster. The final itinerary allows me to give tons of information about each destination, tour, and experience with tips and website links.

Shilpa Kulkarni

Travel designer on voyayge



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